Election of Sean Shaffer

Commissioner Candidate for Carroll County, District 4

I am a ...

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   The Issues page holds issues and talking points that were raised last election cycle as well as the current election cycle. I also included issues I would like to discuss. The page was written as how I personally feel about the topics. As such it is a bit lengthy, sorry. A "the Fix" subpage holds ideas for specific fixes to an issue.

   The Campaign Materials page has links to pdf's of surveys and questionnaires that groups have sent to candidates. Not all groups have been given a response, particularly if the group is a single-issue group or from outside Carroll County. I have also included pdf's of handouts and signs, you may print and display them without modifications.

   The Authority page holds the Authority line and other legal information.

   You can contact me at the address carrolldist4@gmx.com

   Functions and Virtual Events

Authority : Election of Sean Shaffer ; Martha Shaffer , Treasurer